• REDUCE substantial tax burden with our IRS-approved tax reduction strategies
  • ​INCREASE your business/practice's profitability with our smart and creative CFO functions
  • ​​PROACTIVE small business tax, accounting, finance, and compliance approach
  • ​​ACCESS to premier in-house CPAs, EAs, Tax Attorneys and CFPs for your business & personal needs

If your business or practice nets at least one million dollars annually (the more you earn, the more valuable our advice becomes), including your salary, owner's distribution, K-1s, or dividends, and you are looking for sizable tax savings, increased profitability, and proactive CFO services from an in-house team of tax, accounting, and financial specialists, then schedule a FREE call now! You will be speaking with either Rich Hofmann, CPA, JD; T.L. Turnipseed, JD, LLM; Neil Jesani, CFP; Leslie Borgia, JD; or Mindy Huffman, CPA.


The reality is that the world is saturated with CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Accountants, and Tax Preparers who merely document history—placing the right numbers, in the right boxes, on the right forms by deadlines to maintain compliance and keep you out of trouble. But then, they call it a day. Tax preparation and handling financial compliance don't replace the need for advanced tax planning.

The primary reason most accountants don't offer more extensive services is due to their overwhelming client load, leaving them with insufficient time to master the multitude of strategies found within the 75,000+ pages of The Internal Revenue Code. It's simply not humanly possible for a single person to grasp every tax strategy comprehensively!

As a result, similar to many high-income earners and business owners, you're likely overpaying substantial taxes each year that you don't need to pay. The late Supreme Court Justice William H. Rehnquist famously remarked, "There is nothing wrong with a strategy to avoid the payment of taxes. The Internal Revenue Code doesn't prevent that.

More and more successful business owners, medical, dental, law, and other professional practice owners are now questioning their CPAs, asking, "Why am I paying so much in taxes? Why am I being punished for my hard work?" I mean think about it, what proactive steps is your accountant taking to ensure you receive all the tax benefits you're entitled to? When was the last time your CPA approached you with a well-researched idea that could significantly save you money and reduce your tax burden?

Tax planning involves providing you with a thorough strategy to reduce your taxes, supported by tax codes and thorough research conducted by a skilled team of tax professionals - not only now but in the future and the transfer of wealth to your family.

We provide a plan to legally reduce your significant tax burden. By identifying overlooked opportunities that may be costing you tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars in unnecessary taxes, we demonstrate how proactive planning can recapture those funds. Our comprehensive services encompass advanced tax, accounting, financial, and business planning, guiding our clients on what actions to take, when to take them, and how to execute them effectively.

Our in-house team of tax attorneys and CPAs rigorously assess numerous tax strategies, handpicking only those they deem most reliable after a thorough examination of diverse tax codes and extensive research. We stand behind our tax plan and provide representation in the US Tax Court when necessary, leveraging the expertise of our in-house team of US Tax Court-admitted experienced attorneys.

Our Comprehensive Tax, Accounting & CFO Services include..

Tax Planning, Preparation & Compliance

  • Identify, evaluate and implement advanced tax planning strategies for company and owners
  • ​Prepare company federal and state income tax returns
  • ​​Review of last 3 years' tax returns, existing tax strategies and compliance.
  • ​Prepare the owners of the company’s individual federal and state tax return
  • ​​Provide guidance and planning on company and individual tax issues
  • ​​IRS notice/audit defense represented by our experienced, US Tax Court admitted attorneys

Business Finances & Accounting

  • Sounding board for the issues that concern you and the ideas you have for the growth of your business
  • ​Help prioritize future financial expenditures 
  • ​​Discuss strategies to maximize profits, minimize potential threats, and accomplish the vision of the company
  • ​​Review cash flow management, debt reduction strategies, and expense management
  • ​Setting up proper accounting systems, dashboard and ongoing accounting functions
  • ​​Implement accounting best practices and Guide internal control measures

Insurance, HR, Employee Benefits & RiskManagement

  • Review and advice on the appropriate insurance coverages for the business and owners
  • ​Review and implement appropriate employee benefits programs either for tax or talent acquisition purposes
  • ​​​Review and implement executives/key persons compensation and retention plans
  • ​Help in evaluating and acquiring senior executive for your business or practice
  • ​​Establish overall enterprise risk management system

Exit Tax Planning, Wealth & Financial Planning

  • Plan and prepare for eventual exit (acquisition, merger, selling or passing to next generation) strategy for your company
  • ​Establish appropriate entity structure and number of entities 
  • ​Implement tax mitigation strategies at the exit
  • ​​Help create appropriate business, estate and trusts legal documents
  • ​Investment management and intergenerational wealth transfer strategies
  • ​Charitable giving strategies and foundation administration help


We are an in-house group of tax, accounting, and financial experts with CPA, EA, Tax Attorney, or CFP designations. We are specially trained and experienced to help high-income individuals and very successful business owners and professional firms. We ONLY provide our services to individuals and businesses where we can create lots of value and make a maximum impact on their taxes, finances, business, life, and legacy. We prioritize building capacity before accepting new clients to ensure we deliver WOW service and cultivate lifelong relationships with our clients.

Our clients are exceptionally intelligent, highly educated, and well-researched. They prefer to work with an in-house team of deeply knowledgeable tax, accounting, and financial experts, rather than a CPA or accountant who single-handedly prepares hundreds of tax returns for a wide range of clients. Due to their professional success and substantial income, our clients recognize the value of EXCEPTIONAL advice rooted in thorough research of tax regulations, court cases, and legal precedents, rather than relying on the average opinions of MEDIOCRE tax prepares. They also understand that quality aligns with cost, and that outstanding advice and service provided by a team of experts justifies reasonable fees.

Over the past 23 years, Neil Jesani, along with his team, has been the driving force behind aiding countless successful individuals nationwide in significantly lowering their taxes, enhancing business profitability, and crafting robust financial strategies for both individuals and businesses.

It doesn't matter how many times Neil has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Inc. Magazine, Forbes, CBS, NBC, Treasury & Risk, and Fox Business, or how many medical and non-medical national and regional conferences he has spoken at, or that he is the author of the best-selling book "Win the War for Money and Success."

All that matters to him is that his team of in-house seasoned professionals can help you reduce your tax burden, increase your business or practice's efficiency, achieve your desired retirement income and ideal lifestyle, and create the legacy you want to leave for your family and charity. 


Here's why...

Many tax strategies require to be implemented by certain times and some will take time for us to develop. Sooner you start better the tax savings are!

We are based in Fort Lauderdale-Miami, Florida with clients across the country.


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