• REDUCE substantial tax burden with our advanced tax reduction strategies
  • ​INCREASE your net-worth with our smart financial and creative CFO functions
  • ​PROACTIVE estate planning and asset protections stratagies by a senior staff attorney
  • ​ACCESS to top CPAs, EAs, Tax Attorneys, and CFPs for your personal needs
  • ​ALL-INCLUSIVE pricing for your complete tax planning, preparation & financial needs
If are you making $1 Million+ a year from your salary, bonus, RSU, stock option, sidegig, real estate or any other investments and looking for a GUARANTEED tax reduction, wealth creating and other financial strategies by a team of tax, accounting and financial experts then schedule a FREE call now! You will be speaking with either Neil Jesani, CFP, Rich Hofmann, CPA, JD, T.L. Turnipseed, JD, LLM, Leslie Borgia, JD or Dan Ruggiero, CPA.

So, How Do We Find Large Income Tax Deductions That Most Accountants Seem Miss?

See, the truth is the world is full of CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Accountants, Tax Preparers, who do little more than record history.....putting the right numbers, in the right boxes, in the right forms, by the right deadlines, to keep you out of trouble. But then they call it a day. Tax preparation work is not a substitute for advanced tax planning.

The reason why most accountants don't do more is because they have way too many clients and they simply do not have enough time to learn all of the various strategies from the 75,000+ pages of The Internal Revenue Code. Honestly, it’s not humanly possible for a single person to know all tax strategies!

And because of that, like most high income earners, it's costing you five, six, or even seven figures every year in taxes you don't need to pay. The late supreme justice William H Rehnquist said, "There is nothing wrong with a strategy to avoid the payment of taxes. The Internal Revenue Code doesn't prevent that."

More and more successful executives, engineers, physicians and other high W-2 earner professionals are now asking their CPA's, "Why are we paying so much in taxes?" Why am I getting punished for my hard work? I mean think about it, what is your accountant actually doing to make sure you get all the breaks that you deserve and when was the last time your CPA came to you and said… "Here is an idea that will save you lot’s money?"

Tax planning is about giving you a comprehensive plan for minimizing your taxes - not only now but in the future and at the time of transferring your wealth to your family.

We give you a plan for beating the IRS legally. We'll find the missing opportunities that may be costing you thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, you don't need to pay. Then show you how proactive planning can rescue those dollars. We offer real advanced tax, accounting, financial planning that shows our clients what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

Our Comprehensive Tax & 
Personal CFO Services include..

Tax Planning, Preparation & Compliance

  • Identify, evaluate and implement advanced tax planning strategies
  • ​Prepare your federal and state income tax returns
  • ​​Review existing tax strategies and compliance
  • ​​Provide guidance and planning on individual tax issues
  • ​​Assist with any tax audits and IRS querries

Estate Planning & Asset Protection

  • Potential estate tax mitigation strategies
  • ​​Help to create appropriate estate planning documents by a licensed Estate Planning Attorney
  • Help in establishing proper risk management and asset protection strategies​​
  • ​Help moving assets in various LLCs and trusts
  • Charitable donation strategies using cash, in-kind, donor advised fund, various trusts and foundation​​


We are a group of tax, accounting and financial experts with a CPA, EA, Tax Attorney or CFP designations. We are specially trained and experienced to help high-income individuals and very successful business owners and professional firm owners.

Neil Jesani the is founder and over the last 23 years, he has helped numerous successful people across the country with reducing their taxes substantially, increasing their business profitability, and creating solid financial plans for individuals and businesses alike.

It doesn't matter how many times Neil has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Inc. Magazine, Forbes, CBS, NBC, Treasury & Risk and Fox Business, or how many medical and non-medical national and regional conferences he has spoken at, or that he is the author of the best-selling book "Win the War for Money and Success." 

All that matters to him is that his team of seasoned professionals can help you reduce your tax burden, increase your business or practice's efficiency, achieve your desired retirement income and ideal lifestyle, and create the legacy you want to leave for your family and for charity. 

Time is of The Essence...

Here's why...

Many tax strategies require to be implemented by certain times and some will take time for us to develop. Sooner you start better the tax savings are!

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