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Are you a high net-worth individual or a successful business owner, medical or dental practice owner and looking for fractional CFO and Family Office Services?

  • Minimize your tax burden not only today but also at retirement and during at transfer of your wealth to next-generation with the help of top CPA, CFP and Tax Attorney team
  • ​Take control of your accounting, finance, HR and compliance with the sophisticated technology and top CFO level accounting professionals
  • Create a substantial retirement income for you and intergenerational wealth by smartly managing your investment portfolio by a top Trust Company

Our Comprehensive CFO and Family Office service start with minimum $2500 per month.

Tax Planning, Preparation & Compliance

  • Identify, evaluate and implement advanced tax planning strategies for company and owners
  • ​Prepare company federal and state income tax returns
  • ​Review tax strategies and compliance
  • ​Prepare the owners of the company’s individual federal and state tax return
  • ​Provide guidance and planning on company and individual tax issues
  • ​Assist with sales tax compliance
  • ​Assist with sales tax audits, workers comp audits

Business Finances & Accounting 

  • Sounding board for the issues that concern you and the ideas you have for the growth of your business
  • ​Help prioritize future financial expenditures  
  • ​Discuss strategies to maximize profits, minimize potential threats, and accomplish the vision of the company
  • ​Review cash flow management, debt reduction strategies, and expense management
  • ​Setting up proper accounting systems and ongoing accounting functions
  • ​Implement accounting best practices and Guide internal control measures

Insurance, Employee Benefits & Risk Management

  • Review and implement appropriate insurance coverages for the business and owners
  • ​Review and implement appropriate employee benefits programs either for tax or talent acquisition purposes
  • ​Review and implement executives/key persons compensation and retention plans
  • ​Review and implement appropriate HR policies and procedure
  • ​Establish overall enterprise risk management system

Exit Planning & Wealth Management

  • Plan and prepare for eventual exit (acquisition, merger, selling or passing to next generation)  strategy for company
  • ​Establish appropriate entity structure and number of entities
  • Impalement tax mitigation strategies at the exit
  • ​Help create appropriate business, estate and trusts legal documents
  • ​Investment management and intergenerational wealth transfer strategies
  • ​Charitable giving strategies and foundation administration help
Neil Jesani, Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Over the last 20 years I have helped more than 3000 Physicians, 1000 Dentists, 600 Independent Pharmacists and other 3000 very successful professionals and business owners - from across the country - to reduce substantial taxes, increase investment portfolio return with downside risk protection, almost double tax-free retirement income and create an additional inheritance for family. 

I Have Built a Team of CPA, EA, Tax Attorney, CFP and Various Tax Strategies National Experts to Serve ONLY High Net-Worth Clients Across the Country. I have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Inc. Magazine, Forbes, CBS, NBC, Treasury & Risk and Fox business among others. I also regularly invited speak to various medical and business national and regional conferences across the country.

I would love to send you my Amazon Best-Seller book 
“Win the War for Money & Success" as a gift.

  A practical, readable and a straight forward personal finance self-help book, Neil has done a  superb job of detailing real strategies that can be implemented immediately. Win the War for  Money & Success is a must read for high tax paying individuals and successful entrepreneurs. -Verne Harnish, Founder of the world-renowned Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), with over  14,000 members worldwide; author of many best-selling books including Scaling Up  (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

  Reminiscent of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, Jesani’s book uses facts, figures and graphs to illustrate real options for investors. Jesani breaks down a wide variety of financial structures and institutions to not only explain their history and use, but provide a basis for readers to create their own strategy for financial security. - Ali Velshi, MSNBC Anchor and Business Correspondent for NBC News & MSNBC, Award winning Journalist, and author of Gimme My Money Back.

  Win the War for Money & Success reveals the strategies for people who end up paying a higher  percentage of their income in taxes. A must read! - T Harv Eker, #1 New York Times bestselling  author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind™

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